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For the past 16 years I’ve developed and refined my professional movement practice & teaching in dance, yoga, and Capoeira and I also hold two Masters’ degrees in movement research. I have been teaching all these disciplines to people of all ages, from absolute beginners to professional dancers and movers.

I have been and  still am teaching worldwide, in various countries so can very easily adapt to cultural differences and to people from all walks of life. Ever since the start of the Covid lockdown in March 2020 I’ve been successfully teaching online and here you can see my lovely students' testimonials on my online classes.

1. Dance classes

In my dance classes I share with students my 16 years experience of movement research, a fusion of capoeira and contemporary dance, specifically dynamic release technique and floor work. My practice also involves soft acrobatics, floor work, Flying Low, contact improvisation and some capoeira concepts of playfulness.


At their core, these organic forms of movement focus on nature, creativity and improvisation, as well as an emphasis on spiral dynamic and the connection between body, mind and spirit.


During our work together, we will investigate ways to incorporate the total physical awareness necessary for capoeira, whose roots partly lie in the art of fighting, into the more meditative world of release technique.


Through capoeira I hope to open more opportunities for self-expression within the medium of contemporary dance, using the quality and philosophy behind the movements as inspiration without direct imitation.


This poetic playfulness and animalistic physicality will provide a new and exciting dimension for dancers, movers and capoeiristas of all levels to explore.

2. Movement classes
These classes are open for anyone wanting to reconnect and delve deeper into their body and increase their knowledge and experience in different movement cultures. As a multidisciplinary mover, I would like to share with you some examples and insights into my training which helped me to create a body able to adapt to various physical challenges and movement stimulus.


During classes I explore the concept of the body in the relation to self and others and look at the importance of breath, physical and internal space, mental preparation, the psychosomatic system and anatomy to search for the most effective way to use the body in specific situations.

In my classes you will find a friendly and ethical environment, play and challenges, while looking into different possibilities for self-improvement and expression.



3. One-to-one tuition
My one-to-one tuition is suitable for dancers, actors and movers that want to increase their body awareness.

I work with dancers auditioning for contemporary dance school and amateurs dancer wanting to enrich their dance vocabulary and improve their technique or performance skills. Under my supervision some of my students successfully passed audition to prestigious dance universities (The Place, Trinity Laban, Anton Bruckner Universitat). I have also been supporting students in Greece, teaching preparatory course in Danc.c.ce Athens.


I also work with personal trainers and fitness coaches that want to enrich their movement practice. I've coached and supervised well known personal trainers (Alex Nino), actors, movement coaches and dance teachers in Europe and Brazil.

For prices on private tuition please see the Classes & workshops page.
If you want to know more or have any questions, please contact me.


(...) even though I was probably the most beginner level in the group, I never felt left out during the workshop. The atmosphere is very encouraging and warm but never intimidating. The workshop will make you realize how ignorant you had been to your body and it brings awareness to what your body can potentially do.

Chizu Ohe, movement workshop, 2018

I’ve been training with Aneta in contemporary and movement for almost 4 years now, in both regular classes and workshops, and she’s one of the best teachers around. I’ve attended many classes in London over the years at well-known dance studios, but none match Aneta’s in terms of body-mind approach, teaching methods, professionalism, support and playfulness.

I feel stretched from all points of view. Highly recommend!'

Catalina Ciontu, dance classes and workshops, 2019

Aneta is a very knowledgeable teacher. With her guidance I've improved so much in my movement and dance skills. And her classes are so fun!
Highly recommended. Thank you Aneta.

Lucy, one-to-one dance and movement classes, 2020

Aneta doesn't teach dance, she teaches voodoo magic. She shows you a sequence which looks impossible. But after a set of combinations, something deep inside you unlocks. Before you know it you're dancing like a dream. She's a very special teacher. 

Veena, one-to-one dance classes, 2020

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