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I'm Aneta Zwierzynska, a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance, capoeira and movement coach with 16 years experience. As of 2019 I am also a certified yoga teacher through Nepal Yoga Home.

I graduated in contemporary dance at Anton Bruckner University (Austria) with a double master’s degree in movement research and dance pedagogy.  

I started practising capoeira in 2006 and in 2011 I moved to Brazil to delve deeper into my capoeira practice. In 2013 I returned to Europe to continue my dance and capoeira practice, teach and continue my research work.


While graduating as a capoeira teacher in Brazil, I carried out my first movement research exploring possibilities to exchange experience and knowledge between contemporary dance and capoeira. My second pedagogical master's research was based on the research of Beatrice Allegranti on ethics and body politics - constructing social relationship through Dance and Capoeira. All my research work is available here.​

In 2016 I was commissioned to be the main choreographer for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture, a European Commission initiative. In 2018 I choreographed a live performance for Eliza Wren Payne for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. See more of my choreography work.


I also have experience in directing stage movement for actors and singers.


At the moment I am teaching beginner, intermediate and professional dancers, movers and capoeiristas through regular classes, workshop and private tuition in: 

  • London (at TripSpace, Pineapple Dance Studios, Trinity Laban Conservatory, London Studio Center, Royal Dance Academy, The Place)

  • internationally (at Artdanse Toulouse in France, Danc.c.e Athens in Greece, Theater Avatar in Poland).


I co-founded Need of Movement together with Farid Herrera in 2016. Now together with other proffessional movers I deliver movement workshops across Europe.

Next to my artistic practice I organize workshops and events for people at risk of social exclusion.

To find out more, please see Classes & workshops.

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