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For the last 14 years I’ve been working as a choreographer and assistant of choreographer across Europe and Brazil for various dance companies, physical theatres, street and circus theatres and worked closely with dancers, actors and singers. 

I’ve also worked in musical and music video production and classical theatre where I advised on movement, composition and body expression.


Since 2021 I've also been commissioned to create choreography for weddings, if interested please get in touch with me.


2018 I said yes to everything, music production for Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Wrenn/LoEx music, assist. Farid Herrera (UK)
2017 Pursue me, E33 Dance Company, co-choreoraphy (UK)
2016 European Capital of Cultura, ESK Wroclaw, Plonaca Wyspa (Poland)  
2016 Animal Radio/ Book my face, co-choreography with Magdalena Radlowska
2016 Somewhere in the middle, E33 Dance Company, co-choreography (UK)
2014 Take me Oya (UK, Poland)
2013 Children of the sun, musical, co-choreography with Ponciano Almeida (UK)

2013 E quando chuva passou (Brazil)
2013 When the rain is gone (Austria)
2012 Szachy (Poland)
2012 Vento (Brazil)
2012 Agora estou caminhando (Brazil)
2011 FLOPmana (Poland)
2011 Anastazja (Brazil)
2011 Lucznicy Internation Champinship in Archery (Poland)
2011 Romeo i Julia, lovely rooms (Austria)
2011 solo Modelo (Poland)

2011 Zrozumiec H, stage movement for actors, dir. Pawel Palcat (Poland)
2010 Marionetki (Poland)
2010 W cieniu Chopina, National Ministry of Poland (Poland)
2010 Niekonczaca sie opowiesc, Theatre Helena Modrzejewska, stage movement for actors(Poland)

2010 On the other side (Austria)
2009 Zmierzch Elfow (Poland)
2009 In Wonderland (Austria)
2009 Do gory nogami (Poland)
2008 In Wonderland (Austria)
2006 Ocean w kieszeniach, first prize in TVP1 national television, Dolina Kreatywna (Poland)
2005 Akwarium (Poland)

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