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At the moment I work as a professional dancer for Beatrice Allegranti Dance Company.

I am also working as a freelance dancer for various London based dance companies and theaters such as Sean Graham Dance Theater and E33 Dance Company.

In the last few years I've performed in several dance films, such as I can't find myself  by Beatrice Allegranti and Pursue me by E33 Dance company.


Performance highlights:

Beatrice Allegranti Dance Company, throughout the UK, 2022
Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theater, 'Dementia related online performance Hub', London, 2021
Dance video by Jil Ostendorf, Spain, 2020
TransformBeing, Festival Cialo, Umysl, Poland, 2020
Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre, England, 2016 
Sean Graham Dance Company, England, 2015 - 2018
Avant Garde Dance Theatre (R&D), England, 2017
E33 Dance Company, England, 2014 - choreographic credits too
Guarini Dance Company, England, 2013 - 2016    
Animal Radio Company, England, 2016 - choreographic credits too 
Sadler’s Wells, ‘Breaking Convention’, England, 2014


I have had the privilege of working with Aneta since 2013 when she came to work at E33 Dance Company for shows at Ballet Rambert.Since then we have collaborated on my occasions including performances, international workshops and our latest work: a Dance Film in 2017.
Aneta is an on fire dancer who's professionalism and passion are contagious! She is a pleasure to work with: punctual, always going the extra mile and a absolute gem as a person! I would highly recommend her fabulous workshops and classes!

Rachel Riveros, dancer & choreographer

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